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A couple of the trends that we’ve seen besides gyms and health is mindfulness and psychological wellbeing. Before the pandemic, that had been a little behind on this side of the world. However, submit-COVID, I can see that the necessity for mental wellbeing has increased noticeably. I tend to go to a boutique gym where you have practical health, and there may need been eight or 10 of us earlier than. They are monitoring the variety of people in every class. This grounding and conscious yoga follow will deepen consciousness of the thoughts, body and breath. This class is designed to settle the thoughts, open the body and acknowledge our presence via a follow of meditation, asanas and respiratory strategies.

The True Workout Begins Whenever You Need To Cease

Restorative yoga courses move at a much slower, relaxed tempo, giving extra time to elongate tired muscle tissue. Journey by way of this magical time collectively as you preserve fitness and properly-being. Physician’s or midwife’s approval required before first-class. This passive apply is completed mendacity and seated, permitting time to go deep into stretches and lengthen drained muscular tissues. BPRD has weekly digital fitness classes for “at home” workouts design to maintain you transferring.

In college, she found energy yoga and felt a pull towards finding a deeper understanding of the practice, each as a scholar and as a trainer. She credits her trainer in Knoxville with bringing her from an occasional yogi to a dedicated practitioner. As a teacher, Alyson … Read More

The Ardell Real Wellness Self-Assessment Test for Exuberance


This self-assessment instrument is designed to reflect your knowledge, satisfaction level and general experience of Exuberance, one of four REAL wellness dimensions. Self-assessments for the Reason, Athleticism and Liberty dimensions are also available.

The self-assessment protocols are copyrighted; all rights are reserved. Visit for licensing information regarding educational, corporate, non-profit or other uses of one or more of the four REAL wellness self-assessments, as well as a separate self-assessment test for stress management.

The purpose of all the self-assessments is to promote familiarity with and added commitment to REAL wellness mindsets and lifestyles. The overall goal is a philosophy guided by reason, inspired by exuberance, supported with athleticism and enriched by increased personal liberties.


The English word exuberance has a certain ring to it, so much so that even non-English speaking people probably recognize that it connotes a joyful, celebrant quality, rich with excitement, almost lustful (in a polite way), living with the positive emotion of cheerful ebullience.

Exuberance is about human flourishing.

As a REAL wellness dimension, exuberance is the category for happiness and joy, meaning and purpose, social and relationship connections, the quality of work, careers and more. It’s hard to go overboard seeking exuberance–synonyms for the term suggest its attractive qualities, including but not limited to jauntiness, high spirits, exultation, gaiety, effervescence, vivacity, zest and even chirpiness! Exuberance is expressed in the contagiousness of play, laughter, the giddiness of new (and old) love, the intoxicating effects of music and in varied forms of religious … Read More

75 Hard-A REAL Wellness Assessment of a "Mental Toughness" Program


Ever heard of the 75 Hard Challenge? It was created by Andy Frisella, a motivational speaker, podcaster, author, and supplement company owner. A book, website, and app support and promote the program. It’s intended to be a transformative mental toughness program. You can read the details here. What follows is a short summary about and speculations on the pros and cons of the program.


The program consists of five pillars.

  • Hydration–drink one gallon of water a day.
  • Nutrition–choose any diet and follow it faithfully. No exceptions. No alcohol, either.
  • Exercise–workout for 45 minutes twice a day, for a total of 90 minutes. One workout must be outdoors.
  • Mental improvement. Read 10 pages of any book that you consider entrepreneurial or self-help, each day. (Hopefully, Not Dead Yet will be a popular choice for those taking the challenge!)
  • You must take a progress picture each day.

Frisella calls the program a hard challenge, but he insists it’s primarily intended to test and promote mental toughness. He wants followers of the plan to gain confidence that they can stick to a difficult routine, free of excuses or modifications. The challenge is made especially daunting by his rule that if you slack off on any day along the way, you must start over on day one.

Frisella makes the bold claim that 75 HARD is the only program that can permanently change your life… from your way of thinking, to the level of discipline by which you undertake every single … Read More