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Condom catheters are worn by some males to assist with urination. This urinary drainage system allows a affected person to engage in their regular activities, while not having to be concerned about issues with urination such as incontinence. It is a less invasive urinary drainage system than an indwelling catheter and has a low danger of an infection. Be patient while assisting with urination. Allow for quiet throughout this time. Provide privacy by overlaying the patient with a blanket if they’re in bed. Adjust the mattress to a secure working top.

Many male patients may find it simpler to urinate in a high sitting or a standing position. Assist the affected person into the position they are most comfy and may safely assume throughout urination. Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides may need to help some sufferers with positioning and holding the urinal while they urinate. If the affected person is unable to carry their hips, help the patient to roll to the aspect dealing with away from you. While the patient is rolling, guarantee you have a firm grasp on the bedpan.

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Raise the head of the bed to place the patient in a sitting position in mattress or at the side of the bed. Alternatively, help the affected person to a standing place. Refer to Procedures “Transfer to a Sitting Position in Bed”, “Helping the Patient to Sit on the Side of the Bed”, and “Helping the Patient to Stand”. The use of a urinal helps the male affected person to privately and safely urinate without having to ambulate to the bathroom or commode.

This prevents the bed or wheelchair from shifting and inflicting potential damage to them or the patient. Urinals and catheter drainage methods have measuring strains on the system. The quantity of urine at the quantity indicates the quantity of output. For patients who use a toilet, commode, or bedpan, urine contents can be emptied right into a graduated or different measuring pitcher to supply an accurate measurement of output. Contents can be disposed of down the bathroom once the urine has been measured.