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Nutrition Assistance requires a renewal to find out if there have been any adjustments to your current status. Renewal dates can range from three months to two years from the initial application date. You might be mailed a letter informing you that it’s time to renew your advantages. It is essential to report a change in your mailing handle to make sure you obtain notification relating to your renewal.


Let us know when you need assistance in getting the mandatory info. You might have to finish an eligibility interview by cellphone. We strongly suggest that you’ve got income info, ID, Social Security numbers, and Citizenship verification on the interview.

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During your interview, we’ll review your information so as to see should you qualify for this system. Proof of all medical expenses for those applying for benefits who are age 60 or older or receive incapacity advantages. Name, address & daytime telephone number of landlord or neighbor.

Proof of citizenship and identification for everybody who is making use of for advantages. Able-bodied adults with out dependents are only eligible for a few months of Nutrition Assistance until they are exempt, working, or collaborating in the SNA E&T program.