After months of pregnancy with increasing body weight, of course many women find their stomachs distended after giving birth to their baby into the world. Seeing such conditions, many mothers who feel doing a lot of exercise to get the ideal body shape like before pregnancy and childbirth. However, doing sports after giving birth should not be done haphazardly because the condition of the body after giving birth is still recovering.

However, there are some exercises that are right for mothers after giving birth so they can speed up the recovery process, shrink the stomach and lose weight, increase muscle strength and there are still many benefits of exercise to be gained. Then, what is the best exercise for women after giving birth like what should be done? Here is a sport that is safe and appropriate for women after giving birth.

1. Walking

For women after undergoing childbirth it is actually fine to do sports, but after 20 days after giving birth and with mild exercise. If you feel that the burns from your childbirth are completely dry, then you can do light exercise by walking around the house.

2. Walk briskly

The next sport is brisk walking. This exercise can be done by mothers after giving birth 40 days. If it is less than 40 days after giving birth, it will be feared that post-natal wounds will not heal properly. Although doing this brisk walking exercise can not help mothers burn calories, but this method can help you reduce blood sugar levels.

3. Jogging

Jogging is also one of the right sports for mothers after giving birth 40 days if their body condition has really recovered. You can do jogging every day in the morning to help you burn calories gradually and little by little.

4. Static cycling

After giving birth 40 days, you can also do static cycling at home. This exercise is very effective for burning calories in the body or fat in the stomach after giving birth. You can do it regularly and regularly every day.

5. Swim

The best exercise for mothers after giving birth is swimming. By doing swimming it will help all members of the body to be able to move freely.

6. Yoga

Yoga exercise is very useful for the diet for mothers after giving birth, but this exercise can also eliminate stress or trauma for mothers after giving birth. By doing this yoga exercise you will feel much calmer.

7. Sit Up

Another exercise for mothers after giving birth is doing sit ups by putting the baby right on your thigh. This you can do routinely to shrink the bloated stomach and sagging postpartum.