Most people do not think about how easy it is to use someone’s own weight and momentum against them when they try to attack you. By using certain jujitsu throws, I can show you how to take care of business. This is not rocket science but there are some important techniques that must be adhered to in order to get the most out of what I am telling you.

The first fundamental to grasp is the idea of ​​a proper stance. Being in the right position is so important I can tell you from first hand experience. Keep your legs spread apart and your posture good. You can not make an opponent off balance when you are off balance yourself. That is why with jujitsu throws you are able to take on much larger opponents. It is not always the bigger guy that wins but the one that uses the best technique and practices it well.

You see, throwing is all about balance and leverage. And using momentum against your opponent. By putting yourself into the right position, usually lower than the person you are facing, you put them at a disadvantage. By keeping them off balance and reacting to what you do, you make them do what you want. Just imagine when someone runs at you full speed; you can use that momentum to initiate a throw. Remember to use your hips and get underneath the other guy when you perform any throw.

I know these simple principles work because I have used them before. I remember having a drunk guy charge me from halfway across the room. That was his mistake. I was able to grab his outstretched arm and spin with the weight of his body. I got my hips planted underneath him and away he went straight to the ground. I was able to use my own center of gravity to disrupt his and I took him down with ease. After that it was pretty much over with.

So practice getting into a proper stance by keeping your hips centered under your torso and your head straight. Always keep you head straight. Remember that your body will follow your head and you can not fight someone when you are looking down. When you move, make sure you move in a circular direction so as to keep your opponent guessing. If you are standing still it is almost impossible to get any kind of rhythm going or any type of momentum for yourself. So do keep your feet moving but make sure you do not cross your feet. Keep your feet separated when you move. If you do not do this you might trip over your own feet. That is no way to throw anyone with any kind of power or accuracy.