Building body muscle by maintaining a diet is really needed by those who want to have an ideal and proportional body shape. To build muscle in the body is not an easy matter for someone, there are several ways that need to be followed. There are many ways to build muscle in one’s body. One of them is doing sports activities. Good exercise and done regularly will indeed produce good muscle shape also in the body. Exercise also turns out to not be maximal if it is not accompanied by a good diet. The higher the intensity of the exercise can actually reduce muscle mass. Therefore it needs to be balanced with a high intake of protein to maintain muscle mass.

Body Muscle

Diet to Build Body Muscle

1. Build Body Muscle by Consuming High Protein Foods

Protein is a substance needed to build body muscle. Because the protein consumed is mostly used by the body to repair damaged muscles. Everyone will need a large amount of protein. Protein intake can be obtained from lean red meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and processed soy foods.

2. Consume Complex Carbohydrate Foods

Carbohydrates are really needed by the body as a source of energy. But if someone is in the process of building muscle mass, it is better to consume foods that contain complex carbohydrates. Basically carbohydrates will be broken down into sugar in the body and become a source of energy. In the process of building muscle, it is better for the body to consume complexes so that they are not easily broken down into sugars, and make a person feel full longer. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates such as wheat, brown rice, quinoa and apples.

3. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables also contain compounds that act as antioxidants that protect cells and muscle tissue from free radical damage. To protect muscle tissue and prevent loss of muscle mass. But the sugar content in the fruit also needs to be considered. Because there are some fruits with high sugar content such as bananas, mangoes and grapes. It’s good to control the intake of fruits with high sugar content.

4. Consumption of Mineral Water

Maintaining the need for mineral water in the process of muscle building is one of the most important things. When exercising the body loses a lot of fluids in the body. To avoid dehydration and lack of fluids, it is necessary to consume enough mineral water.

5. Eat Good Fat Foods

The body also needs daily fat intake. To meet the daily fat needs, it’s good to keep eating foods with good fat content. Foods that contain good fats such as Cashews, Avocado and Salmon. Consumption of too many foods with high sugar content can cause insulin resistance. This means that the body does not respond to insulin hormone signals properly so that the glucose in the body is not used as it should.

6. Don’t Miss Breakfast Activities

When someone eats breakfast or breakfast, they will get energy to do activities in one day. A person who regularly eats breakfast will keep his hunger until the next meal. By getting used to breakfast a person is not easy to feel hungry which results in excessive food consumption.