For sufferers who’ve swallowing issues, Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides ought to restrict their dialog while the patients are chewing. They might have to focus on chewing and swallowing their meals appropriately. Allow the affected person time to pray earlier than consuming if they want.

Procedure: Patients Who Can Brush Their Own Enamel Or Want Some Assistance

To preserve sufficient health, we have to absorb a certain amount of fluid per day. Depending on a patient’s condition, they might both be encouraged to drink fluids or limit their fluid consumption. Fluid that’s taken in is called consumption. One cup of liquid is eight ounces or 240 mL. Special plates, utensils, and cups are available to help the affected person who’s weak or who has trouble grasping utensils. Eating utensils could be constructed up through the use of gauze taped around the handles. If the affected person has swallowing issues, keep them in an upright place for minutes after consuming to forestall choking or aspirationof meals or fluids.

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This allows a patient to have the ability to effectively chew their meals. Assist or encourage the affected person to put on glasses so they might see their meals. Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides ought to supply foods which might be interesting to their affected person and allow them to decide on the foods they would like to eat, as appropriate. Follow ChooseMyPlate pointers as mentioned in Module 8 when selecting and getting ready meals to serve to patients. Follow Care Plan pointers when preparing special diets. Refer to Module 8 for particular instruction about getting ready particular diets. Drainage bags on urinary assortment methods, corresponding to those from indwelling catheters or condom catheters need to be emptied regularly.

Position the patient in a excessive upright sitting place. This will stop the affected person from choking or aspirating food or fluids. Offer mouth care previous to eating. Assist with making use of dentures.