Wash the affected person’s face with heat water, leaving the area to be shaved moist. You can go away a warm towel on the patient’s face and neck for a number of minutes to assist soften their hair. This helps to avoid cuts and makes for a smoother shave. If using an electric shaver, dry the patient’s face after washing it. Lower mattress to its lowest stage and guarantee facet rails are up.

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If applying lotion on feet, take care to not apply lotion between the toes. Place socks and/or different footwear on patient once done. Do not minimize affected person‘s toe nails. Discuss any wanted advanced toe nail or foot care with a supervisor. Take particular care to dry nicely in between toes. Lower the bed to its lowest level and guarantee aspect rails are up. Use proper working peak by raising the bed to waist stage if the affected person is mattress bound.

Lower the bed to its lowest setting for security. Reposition the patient for comfort. Position a normal bedpan with the broader edge aligned with thebuttocks. Position a fracture pan with the flatter end underneath the patient’s buttocks and the handle toward the foot of the mattress. Place a towel or disposable protective pad under the patient as wanted. This helps to protect mattress linens from getting urine or feces on it in case of accidental spilling of bedpan contents. Fold down top linens simply enough to slide the bedpan under the affected person.

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If the patient is sitting in a chair or wheelchair, Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides could sit next to them to avoid bending their again. Keep the back straight, ft planted on the floor and face the path you are working. Stockings ought to be removed and pores and skin must be cleaned, dried, and inspected a minimum of as soon as per day. If there aren’t any toe openings, gently pull on the tip of the stocking by the toes to alleviate stress. For stockings with toe openings, the patient’s toes must be positioned appropriately within the toe space. If the affected person has been shifting round out of bed, have them lie down with their legs elevated for quarter-hour earlier than making use of the stockings. Ensure they perceive the importance of wearing theelastic assist stockings.

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Report any skin situations noticed, such as purple, irritated pores and skin, broken pores and skin, or pimples, boils, or cuts. Inform a supervisor of any cuts the patient obtained during shaving. Ensure the bed is at its lowest height and side rails are up to ensure security. Apply moisturizer and/or aftershave, per patient request and preferences. Avoid making use of lotion or aftershave to irritated or cut pores and skin. Pull skin taut in the area to be shaved.