Ww Zero Level Weight Watchers Cabbage Soup

Hi Dana, I’ve never examined this recipe with floor hen, so I can’t say for certain. If you attempt it, I’d brown the hen first in a pan. I am utilizing rooster tenderloins as a substitute of breasts How would this vary as far as time? Considering that the tenders are much thinner. At the beginning, do you narrow up the breasts in pieces or go away them whole?

I adopted the recipe virtually as written. The only thing I didn’t exactly measure the entire spices as written. I haven’t tested the recipe that way, nevertheless it may work out okay. It actually all depends on how sizzling your crockpot’s “low” is. There’s a change the dairy may curdle if it’s cooks at the next temperature.

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Nothing was mentioned about this, so it sounds like you put them into the crockpot complete. 8 hours on even low for skinless/boneless breast, based on my crockpot chicken experience, offers you balsa wood chicken. I cook dinner breasts on low for five-5 half of hours & they’re perfect, however I verify them at 4 half hours. You could, however in my expertise canned chicken has a distinctive taste that isn’t present in the original recipe. I used it for a chili contest and am making it tonight once more.

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I did put a tad more salt and I liked it this fashion. Made this for the first time & it was successful.