Regulations and legislation for the use of drones in Spain have recently changed. Whether you are new to this world or an expert user, you are interested in learning about the new rules and tips to enjoy your drone without breaking the law. More and more videography enthusiasts from want to fly a drone in Spain. But is this legal?

The aim is to standardize the European framework in terms of licenses, standards, and operational categories. That is, to develop a common law for all drone pilots in Europe. When we talk about drones, idealo is a perfect website that can help us. This standardization of regulations comes after several years in which the drone sector, both for professional use and entertainment, has grown considerably.

What are the drone regulations that currently apply?

Everything related to the use of drones, as well as to their design and manufacture, is regulated since 2021 by the European Regulations RE 2019/947 and RD 2019/945. They entered into force on 1 January. Royal Decree 1036/2017, of 15 December, amending RD 552/2014, of 27 June, will remain in force until 1 January 2022.

In addition, throughout this year, a new update of the Royal Decree regulating the use and licenses for the flight of drones in our country is expected. This update of the current regulations will have as its main objective the unification of criteria and laws throughout Europe.

Do I need a drone pilot’s license?

The current regulations on drones only require people who are to carry out a professional activity with professional drones to obtain a pilot’s license. These people will have to demonstrate theoretical and practical knowledge, in addition to the certification of a medical certificate of LAPL class (for drones <25KG) or class II (for drones> 25KG). There are many academies and training centers that issue these degrees, but it is an EASA-certified ATO that ultimately validates it.

What requirements do I have to meet to work professionally with drones?

To provide professional drone services, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be registered as an operator with the State Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
  • You have liability insurance.
  • You have the title of a drone pilot.
  • You have a valid medical certificate.

What requirements do I have to meet if I fly with recreation?

Users of remotely piloted aircraft intended exclusively for recreational flights must meet the following conditions:

  • Minimum distance of 8 km from any airport or aerodrome.
  • Flight from controlled airspace.
  • Do not exceed 120 meters above the ground or the highest obstacle within a radius of 150 meters of the aircraft.
  • Flights will always be in the pilot’s field of vision (VLOS).
  • Airplanes weighing less than 250 grams can fly in the city and over crowds of people and buildings, provided they do not exceed 20 meters in height.
  • Although not mandatory for recreational use, it is highly recommended that you have liability insurance.