Unit I: Special Gear Used By House Care Sufferers

Follow directions written within the Care Plan for pointers for when to apply, how lengthy the affected person should put on stockings every day, and when to remove stockings. Providing oral care also offers Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides a chance to assess the well being of their affected person’s enamel, gums, and tongue. Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides ought to encourage their affected person to carry out as much mouth care independently as potential. For patients who are unable to know the handle of a toothbrush, special toothbrushes could also be obtainable for them.

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It is appropriate to cleanse and examine these patient’s ft, however by no means clip their toenails. Some sufferers may be prescribed by their doctor particular elastic assist stockings or compression stockings to put on on their legs. These stockings are used for sufferers with poor circulation who’re in danger for getting a blood clot. They are also used to assist stop or cut back swelling. Stockings ought to be positioned on the patient’s legs previous to them getting away from bed within the morning. Follow manufacturer directions in making use of stockings.

A split rubber ball or tape can be utilized to build up the deal with of the toothbrush to make it simpler for the patient to carry. An electric toothbrush can also be used. Home Health Aides are in a position to present assistance with or carry out changing of clean dressings.

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Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides ought to inform their supervisor if advanced nail care needs to be performed. Never perform toenail care on a patient who has diabetes. These patients require special care from a podiatrist.