Many ways you can do to maintain health, one of which is to exercise. Jogging is a favorite choice. Jogging can be done in some time. Some do jogging in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. However, the time most chosen to run is morning. For example, the air is still not too hot and still fresh. Many benefits can be obtained from morning jogging. Running 20-30 minutes each at that time has a considerable impact on health.Here are the benefits of jogging in the morning you need to know, one of which relieve stress.

1. Reducing the risk of disease

Jogging can increase the body’s metabolism. This is what makes the body more immune to disease. The metabolic system will protect the body from a variety of dangerous diseases.

2. Prevents premature aging

The more days our bodies will experience aging. This must be faced by everyone without being prevented. However, you can keep your muscles and bones strong by jogging in the morning. When you jog, your blood flow will be smooth and your bones and muscles will remain strong even in your old age.

3. Relieve stress

Did you know that exercise can improve your good mood? Yes, by jogging in the morning, your good mood will always be awake. When jogging in the morning, the body will produce endorphins in the body that served as an excitement of happiness so that the stress you feel will be reduced. Jogging in the morning, which is done together with friends, will give the impression of a pleasant feeling that is needed to start the day.

4. Lose weight

Many people choose to do jogging as one of the activities in their diet program. This is because when jogging, calories in the body will burn and metabolism in the body will also increase. Jogging will burn excess fat in several parts of the body such as stomach, waist and hips so that the body becomes slimmer and denser.

If you have done a lot of ways to diet and have not been successful, maybe you should add a jogging routine to your diet program.

5. Sleep quality becomes better

A study conducted by involving several people with insomnia doing routine jogging activities every morning obtained encouraging results. People with insomnia can treat insomnia suffered by increasing sleep time 17 minutes faster than usual routines. The sleep they experience also feels better and the body feels refreshed in the morning.

6. Increase concentration

Some experts argue that jogging can improve the brain’s ability to remember and think power. Jongging also makes it easier for someone to concentrate.

7. Prevent bowel cancer

The British Journal of Cancer in its latest study found that running 5-6 hours a week reduces the risk of colon cancer by 24%. This is because when you run in the morning, the movements that are done will give a contraction in our intestines that are good for the large intestine organs.

8. Brighten the skin

Jogging has been proven to make skin brighter. How can? This is because jogging can improve blood circulation and increase metabolism in the body so that skin cells can be renewed.

9. Leg bones become stronger

Morning run can also stimulate the regeneration of bone cells which is beneficial for our leg bone density. When you have activities with high mobility, you must have strong leg bones.

When running, the leg bones become a pedestal and are trained to be strong.

10. Healthy lungs

When running in the morning, oxygen levels entering through the lungs will be more. The entry of oxygen in the body is very good for lung health. Not to mention the clean morning air will further refresh your lungs.